We design and implement Digital ICT Networks to sustain growth of companies.

Businesses that are adopting Digitalisation or Digitization strategies can save costs and improve efficiencies in their business processes by partnering with TEAM_6.

Our Enterprise Digital Networking Project teams are led by globally certified and experienced Professionals who have vast experience in Enterprise Digital Networking Technologies and the related Project Management to ensure high quality of service to clients.

Our ambitious vision is to see a "Digitally Connected Africa"



 Below are some of the Enterprise Digital Networking Projects that we successfully managed among many others:


T6 Mission

We understand projects, we love projects and we manage projects to accellerate growth of emerging Enterprises in Africa. Members of our professional services team bring in a wealth of managerial and technical experience gained from managing projects in multiple industries and multiple geographies.  


Our Mission:

    • As you startup and establish your business we assist you with registration of your company, launching your initial website project and conceptualizing your  IT startup projects.
    • As you expand your business we assist you with design, build and implementation of Computer Networking Projects, Ecommerce projects and other Online Business Application projects based on analysis of your business requirements.
    • As you aim to improve your business and to maintain a competitive advantage, we assist you with implementation of Continous Service Improvement projects and we take you through our coaching programs to strengthen your Strategic Leadership position.



T6 Motto


"..Your Journey into Prosperity..


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